Support for Music Teachers in light of School Closures

I can compose is ready to help music teachers move to remote learning in light of school closures.

Many teachers across the UK are preparing online lessons and resources for distance learning.

We are well placed to support music teachers in this regard and we would like to offer our support for music departments affected by school closures.

It’s a big ask to expect students to compose on their own at home without guidance, but it’s vital that their learning continues despite the disruption.  

How our courses can help with distance learning.

Our award-winning online composition courses are written for secondary level students to work through on any device at school or at home.  They have been described as being like an “online textbook”, taking students through the whole composition process from start to finish.  Each course contains:

  • Model composition
  • Structured step-by-step approach
  • Video content
  • Audio clips
  • Clear examples & explanations
  • Quizzes

We offer a free taster lesson in each premium course. Look for the Free lesson in each course’s lesson plan, and simply click the lesson to give it a try.

Courses are ideal for GCSE (or equivalent qualifications) students.  They may also suit A level students starting out with composing work.

Find out more about the Classroom Access Plan

If you think your students would benefit from having access to our structured composition courses in school and at home, simply request a quote.  Prices are based on number of students in the group and are not subject to VAT.

Free notation software

If your students want to use notation software whilst working through our courses, here are some free options to consider:

For details of more free software available, please read James Manwaring’s blog.

Alternatively, pencil and manuscript paper also works!  All our courses include downloadable manuscript paper.

Remember that students can use Youtube tutorial videos provided by the above companies.

Further resources

To assist teachers with providing useful resources for students and to plan distance-learning lessons, here are some further links and resources:

Inspiration Page
A free library of diverse pieces, with helpful insights and commentaries, for students to listen to.

Blog: Top 6 websites for composing resources
Our popular blog post outlines 6 websites where you can find helpful online resources to aid with composition.

Downloadable music resources
Visit our Teachers’ Area for a wide range of music resources suitable for KS3 and GCSE level.  There are a number of FREE downloadable resources so do have a browse.

FREE ‘Getting started with GCSE composition’ e-book
This downloadable booklet offers guidance in teaching GCSE composition and includes pupil worksheets.

James Manwaring’s Blog
James has written two helpful blog posts sharing resources and ideas for online music learning – well worth a look!

Further Support from I can compose

While the coronavirus is doing its best to disrupt our daily lives, our philosophy is that we can help each other to get through this. So if there is any other way that I can compose can help music teachers through the challenges of the weeks ahead, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Remote music theory teaching resource

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