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All our online courses can be purchased individually. You can also access all courses through our Individual Access Plan.

For Teachers, we have a Teacher's Access Plan which also includes access to all our courses, as well as access to our Teachers Resources. You can compare our Access Plans on the Pricing page.

Unless state otherwise on the individual course page, each course is accessible for 12 months from the date of enrolment.

You can try one of the free courses to get an idea of the course format, and all the courses have a free taster lesson included. Take a look at the individual course page to access taster lessons.

As you work through each lesson make sure that you click the ‘mark complete’ button before moving on. At the end of the course you will receive a certificate (paid courses only) and badge on your personal dashboard.

Access Plans

Yes! The access plans include any new courses / resources added in the timeframe of your access plan.

Yes. The minimum number of licenses is 10.

Yes. Once you purchase the Classroom Access Plan you can either invite your students individually from the dashboard or use the generated link to send to your class en masse via your own email.

You will be able to see who you have invited and who has signed up. Note: once you allocate a seat it cannot be un-allocated.

No. You will receive an email when your Access Plan is about to come to an end with a link to follow if you wish to renew.

If you are on the Gold Access Plan you have automatically been moved onto the Teacher Access Plan (12 months' access to all resources and courses). The expiry date will remain the same.

If you have the Teacher Access Plan or Individual Access Plan you will have access to all the online courses. If you are purchasing the Classroom Access Plan for your students you can add yourself / a colleague as one of the students in the class – the price will be the same as if you were purchasing for a student.

Teachers' Resources

Yes, all the resources can be purchased as individual products. But unless you only need a few resources, our Teacher Access Plan provides exceptional value!

All virtual / downloadable resources are included in the Teacher Access Plan. Physical products (books, posters, etc) are not included.

No. The resources cover general styles, genres and composers. The student level (for example, GCSE or KS3) is stated on the product page.

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