We’re delighted to have released another new course on the site – How to Compose a Theme and Variations – as part of our Innovate UK Creative Catalyst project.

Composer and music educator David Beeby has written and recorded a model composition which demonstrates various compositional techniques and how to use them effectively in a theme and variations. The lesson content is aimed at GCSE (or equivalent) students.

It’s your composition!

We understand that everyone composes differently – it’s a creative and personal process! So students can either go through the lessons in order or choose the material that’s relevant to them.

What does the course include?

All of our courses include a model composition and How to Compose a Theme and variations is no exception – David has composed and recorded a theme and variations which is broken down lesson by lesson, so that students can observe the compositional process.

Also included in the course:

  • Exemplar listening
  • Video content
  • Audio clips
  • Score examples
  • Composition Planning Sheet
  • Model composition
  • YouTube playlist
  • Course glossary

NEW features…

We’ve introduced a new feature for How to Compose a Theme and variations – a 2-page composition planning sheet. We hope this will help students to organise and develop their musical ideas as they start to compose. There’s also a Course Glossary providing definitions of all the key words included in the course.

How to use this course

Every classroom is different and teachers use our courses in various ways to suit their set-up and students:

  • Display at the front and work through together with the class
  • Use the content to inform personal lesson planning
  • Use as part of the Classroom Access Plan where students can work through the content at their own pace.

Let’s get started…

If you want to find out more head to our courses page. For best value our Individual or Teacher Access Plans provide 12 months’ access to all the courses. And if you’re looking for access for a whole class so that you’re students can work through the courses at their own pace, have a look at our Classroom Access Plan.

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