How to compose a tango

About this course

Have you ever watched a tango scene in a film or on television and wondered what makes the music so memorable and dramatic?  Did you wish that you could compose some fantastic tango music yourself?  Then this course is for you!  I’ll take you through each stage of writing a tango, step-by-step, from creating a catchy bass line to structuring your piece and making a recording.

You will see how I compose a tango from scratch and can listen to and download the finished piece at the end of the course.

Although I have used Sibelius notation software to create my tango, you can use whichever programme you feel confident with, including DAWs (for example, Cubase, Logic or Garageband).  You can even used good old-fashioned pen and paper!  The composition process is still the same.

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone who wants to learn how to compose a tango.  It is primarily aimed at GCSE (or equivalent) students, but A level (or equivalent) students will also find this course useful as a refresher, and for ideas on how to take your tango to the next level.

Course summary

You will learn to:

  • recognise the characteristics of tango music
  • identify typical tango instruments
  • write a successful tango bass line
  • choose suitable chords
  • structure your tango
  • compose an effective tango melody
  • modulate to a related key
  • inject some passion into your tango!
  • make a recording

Course Information

Estimated Time: 5 hours



Course Instructor

Rachel Shapey Rachel Shapey Author

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