3 hours



About this course

This tutorial is aimed at musicians without a background in jazz

There are several ways to approach a jazz composition and this is one ‘method’ that my students have had a lot of success with at GCSE level.  This tutorial is divided into clear, easy-to-follow sections, with integrated listening tasks and practical activities for you to do on your instrument.

In this course we’ll go through the exciting process of creating a jazz piece, from thinking up the first melodic idea to making a recording.  I’ll compose alongside you, using the 12-bar blues chord sequence as a basis, so that you can watch and then try it for yourself.


Who is this course for?

This course is aimed at GCSE (or equivalent qualifications) students.

Course Summary

Learn how to:

  • Improvise in a jazz style
  • Compose a characteristic melody
  • Develop the melody
  • Create a bass riff
  • Create a 12-bar chord pattern
  • Structure a jazz piece
  • Compose a jazz solo section
  • Write an effective piano part
  • Arrange your ideas for a jazz ensemble
  • Make a recording of your piece

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