How to compose a great melody

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Not sure how to start writing a decent melody? Do you begin composing a tune but find that it lacks shape or direction? Then this course is for you. ┬áI’ll show you how to easily create a good melody – and then how to make it great – with techniques I’ve used with pupils in the classroom.

This tutorial focuses on writing a tonal melody (i.e with a clear key).

Who is this course for?

GCSE students

Course summary

  • What makes a great melody
  • How to create a good melodic shape
  • How to make your melody memorable
  • How to use stepwise and triadic movement
  • Tips on how to add more interest to your melody
  • How to establish the key in your melody
  • How to take it to the next level by using chromatic notes and different melodic intervals

Course Information

Estimated Time: 2 hours

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Course Instructor

Rachel Shapey Rachel Shapey Author

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