2 hours



About this course

Have you composed a melody and need some help with adding chords? ┬áDo you want to learn how to choose the right chords for your composition? ┬áThen this course is for you. I’ll explain how chords and triads work, show you how to write cadences and then how to choose the right chords to fit your melody.

Included in this course is manuscript paper and optional worksheets for you to further practice your chord-writing skills.

Please note that this is an ‘introduction to adding chords to a melody’ course and does not cover 4-part harmony or Bach chorale harmonisation.

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone who wants to learn how to harmonise a melody they’ve composed.

It is suitable for GCSE (and equivalent qualifications) students as an introduction or a refresher course.

Knowledge of staff notation is recommended.

Course Summary

  • Explanation of chords and triads
  • How to create a chord / triad
  • Introduction to cadences
  • Discover how to write a cadence
  • Choosing the correct chords for a melody
  • Working in a minor key
  • Using diminished 7th chords

Worksheets and quizzes also included!

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